Zoe Reynolds
Zoe Spooks
Show Spooks
First seen Thou Shalt Not Kill
Last seen Persephone
Job Former MI5 Junior Case Officer
Status Alive, on the run
Portrayer Keeley Hawes

Zoe Reynolds only ever wanted to work for MI5, however, her confidence and love of the job took quite a beating. She had always looked up to and greatly admired Tessa, and it was a massive blow to discover she was corrupt; which left her distraught when Zoe was very much involved in her downfall.

Zoe once again went through a similar hard time when Tom was alleged to have been a rogue officer, and her confidence took an even bigger beating when she and the rest of the team managed to clear his name, only for him to be decommissioned shortly afterwards.

As she watched the toll life at MI5 took on her friends and colleagues, she started to realise that there are massive downsides to being a Spook. Zoe was brilliant at her job. She could handle any task Tom cared to throw at her. She was charming and quick-witted which made her a real expert undercover, and she was equally good at analysing data and getting answers in the office. Zoe's spy credentials were seemingly impeccable, but even the best can make mistakes. An error of judgement (specifically a mistake she made and being caught doing so) in an undercover operation cost Zoe her career in the Service. She is currently in hiding with her fiancée Will in Chile.

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