Vik Kamath
Vik Kamath
Show Spooks: Code 9
First seen Episode 1
Last seen Episode 6
Job Spy, MI5
Status Alive
Portrayer Christopher Simpson

Vik Kamath, currently 25, was an entrepreneur before working for MI5.

Series Edit

Like all his colleagues in Field Office 19, Vik's life changed dramatically when the London bomb exploded. With family expectations on his shoulders, Vik rebelled and put the needs of his country above those closest to him when he joined MI5: "Vik joined MI5 to get away from the expectations of his family" explains Christopher.

"He's from a rather affluent and cultured background and his family had expectations that he would take over the family business. But Vik was struck by what happened when the bomb went off in London. He was motivated to do something; to help the dire situation that the country was in and he feels he could be an agent for change."

When talking of Vik's role within the team, it's quite clear that Christopher sees him as the rock of the group: "Vik is the one that looks after everyone," says the star of Brick Lane and Second Generation. "He's quite self assured, urbane, witty and I think at times he's a point of stability. He's also the one that will try and