Tom Quinn
Tom Spooks
Show Spooks
First seen Thou Shalt Not Kill
Last seen The Sleeper (regular)
Series 10, Episode 6 (guest)
Job Former MI5 officer
Status Alive (Decommissioned)
Portrayer Matthew Macfadyen

Tom Quinn (AKA Matthew Archer) was serious, focused and popular with the team he led. Deeply intelligent and with impeccable instincts, Tom's job was everything to him and always came first. While this made him an excellent Spook, it didn't make him such a perfect boyfriend, as his girlfriend Ellie soon found out.

Tom's loyalties were called into question when he was framed in an assassination plot. Unable to persuade his colleagues of his innocence, he shot Harry in order to avoid capture. Tom eventually managed to prove his innocence. He was exonerated of any wrong-doing and returned to the Service. However, it wasn't to be for long. Tom's moral questioning of his job caused a crisis of confidence. He jeopardised an important mission and Harry was forced to de-commission Tom from MI5. Following his decommission from Section D, Tom becomes a freelance security specialist.

Tom is briefly seen in the final episode in Russia. It is strongly implied that Harry uses Tom to track down and assassinate Elena Gavrik's Russian Nationalist colleagues.

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Tom Quinn

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