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The Virus (Part 1)
Series 06, Episode 01
The Virus (Part 1)
Show Spooks
Air Date 16 October 2007
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The Virus (Part 1) is the first episode of spook's sixth series which aired for the first time on BBC One on 16 October 2007.

Summary Edit

Section D receive intelligence that an Iranian agent, Mehan Asnik, is planning to attack London during a peace deal between Iran and the UK. Adam's team travel to Tehran to kill him and make it look like a terror attack. It is successful, but Asnik left the train before hand and wishes to defect for what he knows.

Once back in the UK, mercenaries ambush the team and capture Mehan and Zaf, who is wounded. It is revealed that Asnik is infected with a weaponised virus by someone only known as "Copenhagen", who also fed MI5 false information that Asnik is a terrorist and intended to unleash a plague in Iran. A deal is made to exchange Zaf for money, but Adam is kidnapped as well during the exchange. Before Adam escapes, the mercenaries release an already contagious Asnik into the public.