The Suffering of Strangers
Series 03, Episode 10
Spooks The Suffering of Strangers
Show Spooks
Air Date 13 December 2004
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The Suffering of Strangers is the tenth and final episode of spook's third series which aired for the first time on 13 December 2004.

Summary Edit

During Fiona's birthday, she and Danny are taken hostage by an Iraqi extremist cell, who threaten to kill them unless the Prime Minister changes his speech regarding Iraq. After Adam learns of this, a female member of the cell handles him. When Danny and Fiona kill one of the captors during a failed escape attempt, Adam is told by the cell leader either Danny or Fiona must die as retribution, and that Adam must choose.

Before Adam can choose, Danny provokes the cell leader into killing him, saving Fiona. Adam soon learns that the plan was that during the meeting the PM is hosting, the female cell member will detonate a bomb placed inside her. She surrenders after no longer wishing to die, and gives Adam the location of Fiona. Special Forces are able to save Fiona and kill the remaining cell members before Fiona could be burned alive.