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The Special (2)
Series 04, Episode 02
The Special 2
Show Spooks
Air Date 13 September 2005
Previous The Special (1)
Next Divided They Fall

The Special (Part 2) is the second episode of spook's fourth series which aired for the first time on 13 September 2005.

Summary Edit

Adam locates and frees Zaf and learn the location of the next bomb, which they defuse. Shining Dawn however, arms the next bomb to only be deactivated with a code. Harry accuses newcomer Juliet Shaw of being the mole, but she actually worked on identifying the mole as American liaison to MI5 Richard Boyd. He is soon captured, which leads to the capture of the bomb maker. Near the end, they learn the next bomb is in a hospital.

Not only has Adam found that it can only be deactivated with a code, but Natasha was captured and is strapped to it. After evacuating the hospital, Adam remains behind with Natasha until MI5 find the code from interrogating the maker, ending the threat.