The Special (1)
Series 04, Episode 01
The Special 1
Show Spooks
Air Date 12 September 2005
Previous The Suffering of Strangers
Next The Special (2)

The Special (Part 1) is the first episode of spook's fourth series which aired for the first time on 12 September 2005.

Summary Edit

A bomb detonates nearby Danny's funeral. Section D investigate and learn that an American-based terrorist group, "Shining Dawn", who believe the human race ought to be culled, are responsible; they demand the release of their leader from British custody, or they detonate a bomb in public places every 10 hours.

Ruth visits a sympathiser, Curtis, who is targeted, while Adam and Zaf follow leads, and discover there is a mole in MI5, as both suspects end up dead. They do eventually find the next bomb in Marylebone Station and defuse it. Adam also tracks down a witness, Natasha Scott (guest star Martine McCutcheon). Zaf is captured by Shining Dawn members.