The Sleeper
Series 03, Episode 02
Spooks - The Sleeper
Show Spooks
Air Date 18 October 2004
Previous Project Friendly Fire
Next Who Guards the Guards?

The Sleeper is the second episode of spook's third series which aired for the first time on 18 October 2004.

Summary Edit

Harry reactivates a sleeper agent, Prof. Fred Roberts, to catch a terrorist group trying to obtain the hypothetical red mercury to create nuclear weapons.

In order to ensure he works and gets attention from the terrorists, MI5 ruin his life, by arresting him, leaving his family, and put him in debt. Tom eventually sabotages the mission after feeling Roberts's family is in danger. As a result, he is decommissioned from MI5. Fortunately, the team arrest the terrorists responsible.

Plot Edit

Episode opens with MI5 setting off a bomb in an apartment building in East End London. And then Harry Pearce activates a sleeper agent, Professor Fred Roberts, who is reluctant to awaken. Roberts is a Nobel Prize winning chemist who is a year from retirement.

MI5 need him to pretend to create “red mercury” which can be used to create a nuclear explosion in plutonium and to sell this “red mercury” to a London terrorist organisation. Apparently, MI5 has information that a terrorist organisation in London has plutonium, but no method of using it. The terrorist organisation is completely off MI5's radar and they need to use the sleeper agent to draw the terrorists out into the open (Operation Fly-Trap). Tom Quinn leads the team, with Adam Carter hanging around to help. An early scene shows Quinn a little too exited to destroy the sleeper’s family as a test to see if the professor will join them in the mission, but is he?

Meanwhile, the press is interested in the explosion at the apartment building in London, and Zoe is interested in one member of the press (Will North). After getting approval from MI5, she dates Will North. Operation Fly-Trap is Tom’s first mission after coming back to MI5 after being targeted by his government as a traitor. Will he do a good job? How will he handle being back on the job?