Tariq Masood
Show Spooks
First seen Series 8, Episode 2
Last seen Series 10, Episode 2
Job Technician and Data Analyst
Status Deceased (Poisoned)
Portrayer Shazad Latif

Tariq Masood was the Technician of Section D, as well as a Data Analyst. He replaced Malcolm in the second episode of Series 8. He died in the second episode of Series 10.

Initially, Tariq was met with hostility from Ros Myers, who commented to Lucas asking 'What is that?'. She initially found him to be too informal for the service but throughout Series 8, it is quite clearly shown that he became a well like member of the team. He spends most of his time on The Grid, venturing out very rarely. One of the few times that he is seen outside The Grid is in Series 8, Episode 7 where he is used to call a member of a terror team and set him up as a traitor to protect an asset. He is visibly upset as the member of the team is shot and killed but Lucas reassured him that he has saved lives with the phone call.

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