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Series 04, Episode 07
Spooks Syria
Show Spooks
Air Date 20 October 2005
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Syria is the seventh episode of spook's fourth series which aired for the first time on 20 October 2005.

Summary Edit

Fiona takes on a case when the Syrian Foreign Minister, Riyad Barzali, contacts MI5 for help, though his own secret service will kill him if he is to talk with the British. The reasoning for Fiona to take the case is because she learned that Farook Sukkarieh, her first husband who was thought to have been hanged for treason, actually survived. He kills Barzali, and captures Fiona to take back to Syria.

Adam desperately tries to find Fiona when he loses track of her. He eventually finds her at a small airport, where Fiona is able to wound Farook and escape, but is shot by Farook before he himself is killed by Adam; Fiona later dies in Adam's arms.