Spooks: Code 9
Format Drama
Network BBC
Created by David Wolstencroft
run 10 Sept 2008 -
7 October 2008
Broadcast Infomation
No. of Series 1
Episode # 6
Status Cancelled
Related shows Spooks

Spooks: Code 9 was a BBC Three spin-off series of the BBC television show Spooks, commissioned by the BBC to offer a "more maverick, younger perspective" that would attract a younger audience than Spooks. It is about a group of six new young MI5 recruits who "follow a different rule book.

It is produced by the independent production company Kudos. It was filmed in and around Leeds and Bradford, and the first two episodes were broadcast on BBC Three on 10 August 2008 and repeated on the same channel on 11 August 2008. After the relatively unsuccessful first series, producer Karen Wilson claimed that many of the existing cast members were "contracted for another year" and outlined themes "we'd like to explore if we get a second series."

Premise Edit

The series begins in 2013 (just after the 2012 Summer Olympics), when London and some of the south east has been evacuated in the wake of a nuclear attack during the opening ceremony of the Games. The government has relocated to Manchester; Thames House has been decommissioned, and MI5 is forced to set up offices across the UK in an attempt to help Britain avoid new attacks.

Characters Edit

  • Charlie Green (Liam Boyle) - an ex-mathematician who leads the team on an interim basis after the assassination of Hannah in the first episode.
  • Rachel Harris (Ruta Gedmintas) - a former Police Officer.
  • Vik Kamath (Christopher Simpson) - an entrepreneur.
  • Kylie Roman (Georgia Moffett) - a former Psychology student.
  • Rob Sullivan (Andrew Knott) - formerly a doctor, and now the team medic.
  • Jez Cook (Heshima Thompson) - a reformed criminal.
  • Sarah Yates (Lorraine Burroughs) - Formerly Head of Operations for MI5
  • Saeed Khan (Parvez Qadir) - Director-General of MI5
  • James dicker, Wes Carter

Episodes Edit

Spooks: Code 9 ran for one series, a total of six episodes, from the 10th of September 2008 - 7th of October 2008.

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