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Series 02, Episode 03
Show Spooks
Air Date 16 June 2003
Previous Nest of Angels
Next Blood and Money

Spiders is the third episode of Spook's second series which first broadcast on 16 June 2003.

Premise Edit

Zoe goes undercover as a school teacher to gather information on Gordon Blaney, who MI5 believes has attempted to hack into MI5's database and bring them down. It is later revealed that Blaney was framed. The real hacker occupies Section D with a threat against his school as a diversion to gather access codes to MI5's inner sanctum.

It is revealed the hacker is Noah Gleeson, one of the pupils, whose father was an MI5 officer and was killed when he and his son were in an operation in Greece. Zoe and Tom are able to stop Noah from bringing down MI5, he is then sent to a psychiatric hospital.