Smoke and Mirrors
Series 02, Episode 10
Spooks-Smoke and Mirrors
Show Spooks
Air Date 11 August 2003
Previous The Seventh Division
Next Project Friendly Fire

Smoke and Mirrors is the tenth episode of spook's second series which aired for the first time on 11 August 2003.

Summary Edit

Christine Dale tells Tom that an American assassin is plotting to kill a member of the British government. He enlists Danny and Zoe for help. During the investigation, Danny sees evidence that Tom may be a traitor. After confronting Harry, Tom says he's been framed. He is set up by Herman Joyce (guest star Tomas Arana), a former CIA agent who blames Tom for what happened to his daughter. They put Tom's fingerprints on a sniper rifle to murder the Chief of the Defence Staff. However, MI5 now believe Tom is guilty, as Joyce actually died five years previously, and don't believe his story. Realising he is trapped, Tom shoots Harry in the shoulder, and disappears into the North Sea.

plot Edit

In Miami, Florida, masked men break into the apartment of Michael Karharias (Bruce Payne), a known hitman. The head of the group asks him to kill a man in England, but is going to have to "do it dead," before killing him. Later, in a hotel room, Tom Quinn receives news of Karharias' arrival, not knowing it is actually an imposter, by CIA liaison and girlfriend Christine Dale (Megan Dodds). Since Dale had no clearance to read the file, Tom approaches fellow officers Danny Hunter (David Oyelowo) and Zoe Reynolds (Keeley Hawes) to run a secret operation to follow the assassin without the knowledge of their superior, Harry Pearce (Peter Firth). Zoe feels they should tell Harry, but Tom convinces her not to. During the operation, Danny follows Tom to an empty building. There, he finds evidence Tom is creating a legend without MI5's knowledge; when he and Zoe eventually approach Harry, he believes Tom may have become a traitor.

Tom, meanwhile, follows a man he believes is called Zeigler. Reluctant, Danny and Zoe join him and follow Zeigler to a farm in the countryside, where they are later captured. After Danny is beaten, the group take Zoe. In that time, Danny confronts Tom about the legend he is creating, but Tom insists he was not making one and is being framed. Danny's suspicion is solidified when the masked men act as if Tom was on their side, by letting him go. They sedate Danny and Zoe and leave them to escape when they regain consciousness. They report back to Harry, where all three agree Tom has turned against them.

As this transpires, Tom is tricked into handling a Gepard M1 sniper rifle to get his fingerprints on it and frame hom for an assassination. He also learns that Zeigler is in fact Herman Joyce, a legendary CIA agent, and is plotting revenge against Tom after he recruited his daughter, Lisa Joyce; Lisa is currently in a mental hospital in Maine, and by framing him, nobody in MI5 will believe his innocence. When they leave him, he runs towards a house and manages to phone Harry. There, Tom learns that Sir John Stone, the Chief Air Marshal, has been assassinated, and the rifle was left behind with his fingerprints. Harry, Danny and Zoe travel to the same house with the intention to apprehend him. When Tom insists Herman Joyce was the man responsible, he learns that Joyce died from a car accident five years ago. Realising Harry is going to call for back-up, Tom is forced to shoot him in the shoulder with a shotgun, allowing him to escape into the North Sea, where he starts to swim. In the end, the rest of the team assume he may have drowned.