Series 9, Episode 8
Series 09, Episode 08
Show Spooks
Air Date 8 November 2010
Previous Series 9, Episode 7
Next Series 10, Episode 1

Series 9, Episode 8 is the eighth episode of the tenth series of the BBc's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 8 November 2010.

Summary Edit

Harry leads a manhunt to find and capture Lucas, and hires specialist and former MI-5 officer Alec White (Vincent Regan) to help. With Vaughn dead, Lucas makes a deal with Chinese agents for Albany. Lucas meets the MI-5 team at a rendezvous point, and apparently gets a man in a hooded sweat shirt to run, tricking the agents to follow him, and shoot him. With the distraction, Lucas kidnaps Ruth, throwing her into his van and driving away with her bound and gagged. At his hideout she is secured to a chair and gagged by him.

He ungags her after giving his message, and when she asks to speak to Lucas he informs her he is not Lucas. He threatens to kill her using an anaesthetic drip which renders her unconscious unless Harry gives him Albany, which is revealed to be a blueprint of a genetic weapon that can be designed to target members of a specific ethnic group but is harmless to nonmembers. Harry gives in to the demand. The team finds Maya; Alec tells her about Lucas's past actions. By doing so, Maya turns against Lucas. Alec also gets Maya to wear a tracker, and as Lucas gets away she convinces him to call the team and tell them where Ruth is.

The two escape from Beth and Dimitri, but Maya is mortally wounded in the shootout. After handing the Chinese Albany, Lucas threatens to destroy a train station unless he sees Harry alone. Ruth tells Harry her life was not worth trading a state secret that could bring about so much destruction. Though the bomb is revealed to be a fake, Harry sees Lucas alone, knowing Lucas intends to kill him in revenge for Maya's death. There, on the roof of a tower, Harry reveals to Lucas that Albany never worked but that information was kept from the outside world. Albany was used as a deterrent.

Lucas realises now that he has nothing to live for, points a gun at Harry and tells Harry to turn around. Awaiting a certain death, Harry encourages Lucas to shoot him quickly. When no shot is fired, Harry turns round to find Lucas has disappeared. Hearing a commotion at the base of the building, Harry looks down, and sees that 'Lucas' has jumped to his death which upsets the other Grid characters. The episode ends with Home Secretary Towers (Simon Russell Beale) revealing to Harry that because he gave away a state secret in Albany, there will be a full investigation into all of his activities and decisions.

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