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Sam Buxton
Sam Buxton.jpg
Show Spooks
First seen Legitimate Targets
Last seen The Suffering of Strangers
Job MI5 Administrative Officer
Status Unknown
Portrayer Shauna Macdonald

Sexy Sam Buxton arrived on the grid straight from training college and straight into the thick of the action. It wasn't always easy for her, but she handled the pressure well.

She knew she was the least experienced person in the office, and she was keen to prove herself up to the job. Sam was confident, sharp and quick to pick up the rigours of being a Spook. There was plenty about her to impress the others in the office.

However, every now and again she lacked the critical judgement needed to be the perfect MI5 officer. Sam has now left the Service; having accepted reassignment to GCHQ following a poor reaction to the demise of Danny Hunter.