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Ros Myers
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Show Spooks
First seen Gas and Oil (Part 1)
Last seen Series 8, Episode 8
Job MI5 Chief of Section
Status Deceased (Explosion)
Portrayer Hermione Norris

Ros Myers has the Security Service in her blood. Her father was a business mogul with high-ranking political links.

The world of politics and espionage is all she knows, and it's all she wants to know. She's married to her job, utterly uncompromising, ruthless, and will do anything for what she believes to be the "greater good." Originally a head-strong, high-flying MI6 officer, Ros joins "Section D" after becoming instrumental in foiling Michael Collingwood and her father's attempted coup. After some time with the team, Ros became a spy for Yalta and, after being exposed as a traitor, Adam Carter helped fake her death.

Ros returned in the Series 7 premiere, as a British operative codenamed Range-finder, stationed in Moscow, Russia. After Adam's death in that episode, she became Section Chief.

In Series 8 Episode 3, Ros Myers is taken hostage by a group of socialist terrorists who supposedly want to bring a group of rich businessmen to justice, and at the end of the episode, Ros had no choice to but to shoot Jo Portman, who was restraining Finn Lambert, the leader of the terrorist group, to prevent him from detonating a block of C4 explosive. Ros finally met her own grisly end five episodes later when she died in Series 8 Episode 8, in an explosion that was intended to kill the Prime Minister of Pakistan to provoke a full-scale war between India and Pakistan, which could have turned nuclear, while trying to get to safety with Home secretary Andrew Lawrence.

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