Rob Sullivan
Rob Sullivan
Show Spooks: Code 9
First seen Episode 1
Last seen Episode 6
Job Spy, MI5
Status Alive
Portrayer Andrew Knott

Rob" James Dicker" Sullivan , currently 24, was a Ex-Junior Doctor and now works for MI5 as an agent and the teams medic.

Series Edit

Ross Davis is the alpha male of the team but Andrew doesn't think that becoming the team leader is necessarily on Rob's agenda: "He's very hands-on, very protective of the rest of the team and because he has this background in medicine; of being a doctor, he's very level headed as well. He will always step up, no matter what is asked, he'll be there and try to make a difference. Rob's a leader in the sense that he wants everything to be right and if it means him being overruled, that's fine, he's wide open to opinion."

Although the main focus of Spooks: Code 9 is maintaining peace in Britain, the team do have time to think about themselves at times and with such a highly charged and intense atmosphere it's no surprise that some team members get particularly close: "There is a bit of a love triangle with Rob, Rachel and Charlie, and for Rob it's really a case of unrequited love," explains Andrew. "Rob's not desperate; he's just very attracted to Rachel. They work together, it happens in offices all over the world! But unfortunately her attention often falls more on Charlie."