Rachel Harris
Rachel Harris
Show Spooks: Code 9
First seen Episode 1
Last seen Episode 6
Job Spy, MI5
Status Alive
Portrayer Ruta Gedmintas

Rachel Harris, current age 24, was a Former Police Constable before joining MI5.

Series Edit

As an ex-police officer Rachel has a lot more experience than most of the team working on the complex cases and procedures involved with being a member of Field Office 19: "Rachel saw joining MI5 as a step up to a position where she could make more of a difference," explains Ruta. "She’s very determined, dedicated, hard working and she has an air of ruthlessness about her."

Her experience is invaluable to her fellow team members, especially Charlie who turns to her for support when Hannah asks him to help with her London bomb investigation: "I think Charlie sees that Rachel is very passionate about her job. He trusts that she'll always make the right decision," says Ruta. "To Rachel it’s not just a job, she really cares about the effect her work is having."

Charlie isn't the only man in Rachel’s life though; her colleague, Rob, is always on her radar. "There is definitely tension between Rachel and Rob, but I think Rachel has always put work as her number one priority," grins Ruta.