Nuclear Strike
Series 07, Episode 08
Show Spooks
Air Date 8 December 2008
Previous The Mole
Next Series 8, Episode 1

Nuclear Strike is the eighth and last episode of series seven of the BBC's spy television series, Spooks, which was first broadcast on 8 December 2008.

Summary Edit

Section D learn that Tiresias is Russia's own version of Sugarhorse, but "bigger and better." Tiersias activates sleeper agent Walter Crane (Kevin Fullar) to detonate a nuclear suitcase bomb in Grosvenor Square at 3 pm.

The team find themselves forced to use Connie's help, as she helped set up Tiresias. After Lucas, Ros and Harry break her out, they journey to a locker Connie owns containing everything on Tiresias. However, they find themselves hunted by an FSB kill squad assigned to assassinate Connie and her team, unaware of the threat. While Lucas, Ros and Connie try to outrun them through disused London Underground tunnels, Harry visits FSB head of London Viktor Sarkisiian (Peter Sullivan) and reasons to offer himself to the Russians if Sarkisiian calls off the kill squad.

Harry explains to Sarkisiian that the entire FSB team and their family members living in London will die if the bomb goes off. The team is called off and ordered to aid Lucas. Connie finds the locker and Crane's location. The bomb is brought to Connie, who removes the nuclear material. However, a conventional booby trap bomb still detonates, killing Connie, who admits that she set Lucas up to the Russians eight years ago. In the end, Harry is seen bound and gagged in the boot of Sarkisiian's car.