New Allegiances
Series 7, Episode 1
Adams Death
Show Spooks
Air Date 27th October 2008
Previous The School
Next Split Loyalties

New Allegiances was the first episode of Series 7 of Spooks that aired on 27th October 2008. It was the first of a two part story, with the concluding part shown the next day.

Summary Edit

The episode is set six months after the series six finale, where Jo Portman (Miranda Raison) and Adam Carter were kidnapped by the Redbacks, a mercenary group known for kidnapping intelligence officers and selling them to be tortured. At the end of the episode, Jo appears to have been killed by Adam to spare her from the torture before they could be rescued. However, in a flashback it is revealed Jo played dead before rescue teams arrived, and later beats her kidnapper, Boscard (Gus Gallagher), to death. At first undecided, towards the end of the episode Jo returns to duty. In the meantime, Sir Harry Pearce secures the release of MI5 officer Lucas North, who was imprisoned in Russia for eight years.

In this episode, a British Soldier is held hostage in London, whilst a British operative held captive in Moscow for eight years, Lucas North, is released a returns to work on The Grid. Lucas and Adam successfully release the hostage before he is executed, but must then stop a car bomb which has been planted at a memorial service on Remembrance Day.

Whilst Lucas and Ros try to find a way to disarm the explosives, Adam drives the car to an unpopulated area. He successfully avoids any civillian casualties, but cannot get away from the car in time and dies in the explosion. Harry tells a distraught Ros that "we will have revenge".

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