MI 5, or simply five, is the name of one of the main security services which protect the United Kingdom. The main team of Spooks portray fictional versions of the this team.

MI 5 performs internal security for the United Kingdom, dealing with threats to the security of the country that come from within it. MI 6 deal with external threats that come from other countries or organisations.

The inner workings of MI 5 are split into different sections/departments which deal with problems or threats from different areas of the country.

Section A Edit

Section A is the section of MI 5 which deals with problems or threats that come from Northern Ireland. Harry Pearce started out his MI 5 career working in 1978 by working in Section A under the leadership of Simon Cooper working alongside his childhood best friend Bill Crombie.

At the time of joining, in 1978, section A had a major problem with phantom agents due to a former corrupt member of staff, which was Harry's and Nill's job to sort out. They were successful and even managed to greatly strengthen the network.

Section D Edit

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Section D is an MI5 department and is the main focus of the BBC television series Spooks as it is the section which employees Harry's team.

Section K Edit

Section K was a section of MI5 led by Tessa Phillips, who work with Section D during Series 1 of Spooks. After Tessa leaves MI5 at the end of the first series, Section K is never seen to work with the team again, though presumably still exists with a new Head of Section.

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