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Love and Death
Series 03, Episode 05
Show Spooks
Air Date 8 November 2004
Previous A Prayer for My Daughter
Next Persephone

Love and Death is the fifth episode of spook's third series which aired for the first time on 8 November 2004.

Summary Edit

Danny and Zoe follow a rogue scientist on a North Sea ferry with the hope of dissuading him from selling biological weapons to North Korea. However, the Grid soon learns he was already paid; the two are ordered to kill.

As Zoe is unable to perform the task due to sea sickness, Danny is reluctant to carry out the task, but eventually injects a lethal amount of insulin into the scientist while he's sleeping. In the end, Zoe learns that her fiance, Will North (Richard Harrington) broke his promise to keep Zoe's real profession secret and breaks up with him.