Jed Kelley
Jed Kelley
Show Spooks
First seen Thou Shalt Not Kill
Last seen The Lesser of Two Evils
Job MI5 Administrative Officer
Status Reassigned
Portrayer Graeme Mearns

Jedi Kelly was a MI5 intelligence analysis who worked on "The Grid" in Section D, alongside the rest of the team. He is seen answering the secure phone lines of The Grid. Part of his job seemed to be handling incoming calls on the secure phone lines of the Grid, which could mean that he helped maintain the agents false identities.

He was often prone to use humour to lighten the situations around "The Grid". Unfortunately, one such effort would lead him to leave the team, as, when he noticed Harry Pearce leaving the office with a bouquet of flowers, Jed made a comment to a new recruit that clearly suggested that Harry was having an affair. When Harry found out, he coldly informed Jed that he sometimes places flowers on his best friend's grave. Offended by Jed's hurtful comments, Harry arranged for Jed to be moved to a different department.

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