I Spy Apocalypse
Series 02, Episode 05
Show Spooks
Air Date 7 July 2003
Previous Blood and Money
Next Without Incident

I Spy Apocalypse is the fifth episode of Spook's second series. While regarded by some as one of the show's best episodes, many critics deplore it's ending as little more than disturbing and sick. A deep sense of pointlessness and empty emotion is portrated violently and has a very strong effect on the viewer, many believe this effect to be negative.

Summary Edit

Section participates in an EERIE exercise where a "dirty bomb" goes off in London. However, they later discover that it was a VX nerve gas attack in Parliament Square, and that evidence dictates the threat as real. "The Grid" runs out of power and is sealed off to prevent any leakage of the gas.

While the team attempts to contact the outside world, much of the team starts exhibiting signs of cabin fever, and after learning Harry is infected, some of the team believe the gas has leaked itself into the Grid and attempt to leave. In an intensely distressing final five minutes the entire threat is revealed to be a drill and Tom receives top marks for his leadership skills. Shellshocked and distraught at the carnage of the operation, Tom breaks up with his troublesome girlfriend, Vicky Westbrook (Natasha Little).