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Hostage Takers (Part 2)
Series 05, Episode 07
Hostage Takers (Part 2)
Show Spooks
Air Date 23 October 2006
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Hostage Takers (Part 2) is the seventh episode of spook's fifth series which aired for the first time on 23 October 2006.

Summary Edit

The gunmen demand the release of al-Qaeda prisoners, or they'd execute a hostage every hour. They also uncover the mole, who, when caught, commits suicide to not divulge any information. Eventually, MI5 discover that the hostage situation is not al-Qaeda's style.

It is revealed that the hostage takers are in fact Mossad agents, who are trying to stop the nuclear deal. After Ros provides some needed intel, SAS is able to storm the Trade Center and kill all but one of the gunmen; Adam subdues the leader, where he is handed to the Americans.