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Hostage Takers (Part 1)
Series 05, Episode 06
Hostage Takers (Part 1)
Show Spooks
Air Date 16 October 2006
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Hostage Takers (Part 1) is the sixth episode of spook's fifth series which aired for the first time on 16 October 2006.

Summary Edit

After a group of terrorists smuggle themselves into England, MI5 know a series of suicide attacks will happen during talks for the government to sell nuclear power to Saudi Arabia. During the operation to stop the attacks, Ros goes undercover to join the Saudi Arabian royal family.

Meanwhile, Adam starts an affair with Wes' babysitter after she wakes him from a nightmare about losing Wes. One of the new members of Section D is a mole to the terrorists, who are using the suicide bombers as a distraction. Zaf and Adam stop a suicide bomber, only to find the "bomb" is just putty. At the same time, gunmen attack the Saudi Trade Centre, and tie up the hostages, including Ros who is present.