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Gas and Oil (2)
Series 05, Episode 02
Gas and Oil 2
Show Spooks
Air Date 18 September 2006
Previous Gas and Oil (1)
Next The Cell

Gas and Oil (2) is the second episode of spook's fifth series which aired for the first time on 18 September 2006.

Summary Edit

While Zaf is able to prevent the collision, the car bombs leave Juliet paralysed from the waist down. The conspirators manage to coax the PM to give in to their plan, including detaining citizens without trial, and to have armed police officers shoot people attending a protest to oppose their new plans. Harry is arrested and sent to a detention facility by the new rules, in order to prevent him from stopping them.

However, the rest of the team are able to convince Ros that her father is the ringleader, and they force him to surrender. They are informed of Harry's location, and manages to stop Michael Collingwood from setting fire to the entire detention, by activating the sprinkler system beforehand. Adam offers Ros a position on the Grid.