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Gas and Oil (1)
Series 05, Episode 01
Spooks Gas and Oil 1
Show Spooks
Air Date 17 September 2006
Previous Diana
Next Gas and Oil (2)

Gas and Oil (1) is the first episode of spook's fifth series which aired for the first time on 17 September 2006.

Summary Edit

After the shooting, Angela Wells jumps off the roof and kills herself. While Adam recovers, a gas and oil depot is attacked, followed by assassinations of some parliament members. At first, MI5 suspect Al-Qaeda, but they discover that a group of influential businessmen, politicians and members of MI6 led by Jocelyn Myers are responsible, in an attempt to take control of Britain.

Jo is tasked with protecting the Prime Minister's son. Colin is also murdered by the conspirators. Meanwhile, they plan another attack; take over air traffic control and attempt to cause an mid-air collision over the heart of London. Jocelyn's daughter, Ros warns Juliet, Adam and Harry that their cars are rigged with bombs.