Erin Watts
Show Spooks
First seen Series 10, Episode 1
Last seen Spooks: The Greater Good
Job Section Chief
Status Deceased
Portrayer Lara Pulver

Erin Watts is the current Section Chief of Section D, taking over from Lucas North between Series 9 and 10.

Erin is on a meteoric rise to the top. But despite that, she’s not a careerist. She’s just interested in doing the job to the best of her ability. Erin is a great leader, scrupulously fair, intellectually brilliant and brave – hurling herself into physical danger without a second thought. So what fuels Erin’s fire? Erin is driven by an unshakeable belief that is challenged every day by what she sees around her; she believes you can live a normal, happy life and be a Spook.

Erin was made acting head of the counter-terrorism division in MI5 while Harry was on forced leave following the Albany incident and the death of Section Chief Lucas North. Erin made a mark in Section D by decommissioning Beth Bailey due to her rather sinister past and her actions during the Westhouse operation. She later told Harry that she expected higher standards than that. She was also the one who hired Calum Reed into Section D.

She was forced to step down when Harry was reinstated on a probationary basis but was retained as Section Chief as part of the deal.

By 2015 (time of Spooks the Greater Good) Erin was undercover, infiltrating a terrorist cel. She gave Harry Pearce information leading him to find their whereabouts and that unfortunately uncovered her to the terrorists. They wounded her and then forced Harry to shoot her dead. 

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Erin Watts

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