Danny Hunter
Danny Spooks
Show Spooks
First seen Thou Shalt Not Kill
Last seen The Suffering of Strangers
Job MI5 Junior Case Officer
Status Deceased (Shot)
Portrayer David Oyelowo

Danny Hunter was young, sharp and, undoubtedly, was good at his job, but sometimes he was a little over anxious to prove it. He didn't fail to notice the glamour and excitement of being part of MI5, and sometimes it went to his head.

However, no-one could compare to him for his surveillance skills. After getting himself up to his eyeballs in debt, and committed to paying high rents for his luxury flat, Danny lost his flat-mate in a catastrophic operation. Luckily for Danny, Zoe agreed to move into the spare bedroom.

Despite all of their differences, the two young Spooks made a good team, living together (at it makes life a lot easier when you don't have to keep your profession a secret from your flat-mate). Danny's confidence took a serious knock when Tom was de-commissioned from the Service and Zoe, whom he had deep feelings for, was forced into hiding with her boyfriend after an operation went wrong. Danny then met a sad and untimely end at the hands of an Iraqi terrorist; who shot him dead.

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