Colin Wells
Colin Wells
Show Spooks
First seen Looking After Our Own
Last seen Gas and Oil (Part 1)
Job MI5 Technician and Data Analyst
Status Deceased (Murdered)
Portrayer Rory MacGregor

Colin Wells was the technical wizard of the team, also known as "The Geek!". Although he'd have loved to, Colin never had the style and flair of Tom or Danny.

However, he was a vital support for the front-line Spooks. He was a master at using all the gadgets and tools of his trade. He could find ways around the most sophisticated of security systems. He took full advantage of the opportunity MI5 gave him to practice with firearms, an extremely uncommon hobby in Britain.

Colin was brutally murdered during an attempted terror attack on Britain (specifically by Michael Collingwood's cronies; SIS agents Scott Jensen and Lee MacKenzie, who caught Colin's attempts to defeat the coup instigated by Collingwood and Sir Jocelyn Myers, and so hanged him from a tree).

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