Blood and Money
Series 02, Episode 04
Blood and Money
Show Spooks
Air Date 23 June 2003
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Blood and Money is the fourth episode of Spooks' second series.

Summary Edit

Victor Shvitkoy (guest star Rade Sherbedgia) of the Russian Mafia has stolen $20 billion of aid money, and has a London stock trader launder the first $1bn to the UK. After he is found murdered, Danny goes undercover as a stock trader to find the money and uncovers the laundering plot.

He soon locates the other $19bn, but also learns that fellow stock trader, Maxim, is Shvitkoy's daughter; MI5 apprehend Shvitkoy. Meanwhile, Zoe learns the man she is having an affair with is married. Tom learns that Ruth Evershed of the GCHQ who started in MI5 is spying on them, but he gives her a second chance.