Beth Bailey
Beth Bailey
Show Spooks
First seen Series 9, Episode 1
Last seen Series 9, Episode 8
Job Junior Case Officer, Section D
Status Decomissioned
Portrayer Sophia Myles

Beth Bailey is a fictional character from the BBC espionage television series Spooks, which follows the exploits of Section D, a counter-terrorism division in MI5. She is portrayed by British actress Sophia Myles.

Beth Bailey was introduced in Spooks's ninth series as a private contractor in her first episode, and later joins Section D. The character is based on a real-life person Myles met while working on the series. Reaction towards the character was generally positive.

Series Edit

At age 18, Beth trained with MI6 while studying at the University of Edinburgh. She eventually decided she didn't want to work with them, and worked as a private contractor. At 22, she worked with a Colombian militant group as a way to anger her father, until she realised what she got herself into and left.

She first appears in the series nine premiere disguised as a prostitute in a freighter from Tangier, working to track Hussein Abib, a Somali terrorist that Lucas North was sent to kill. They both escape the ship when Abib's men take control of the ship. Afterwards, Beth reveals that a Colombian drug lord built submersibles to smuggle drugs; because of this, MI5 learn Abib is using the submersibles to smuggle explosives to the Houses of Parliament. After they stop the attack, Harry instates her to MI5 officer.

In the next episode, Beth is tasked with going undercover to protect influential oil baron Robert Westhouse (James Faulkner), after MI5 receive intelligence saying that the Nigerian government have hired a hitman to assassinate him. At a London hotel, a group of oil industry contacts are invited to a meeting with Westhouse, and while in the lift on the way to Westhouse's penthouse, are gunned down. Beth and one of the contacts, Jacob Chapman (Nigel Lindsay) survive by dropping to the floor. The narrative of the episode switches between Beth, Lucas and Chapman, and it is later revealed that the gunman from the hotel are agents of the Colombians looking for revenge on Beth. After being ambushed at an MI5 safehouse, Chapman kills them, revealing himself as the assassin Section D were looking for.

Lucas becomes suspicious of Beth's after some investigation and she is brought in. She reveals Chapman as the assassin and admits to working with him. Beth explains her subterfuge as "the way we used to work" to avoid any damage, but Harry tells Lucas that after the operation he wants Beth off the team. When Section D discover that Westhouse is planning to buy chemical weapons to unleash on Lagos Harry, Lucas, Dimitri Levendis and Beth go to intercept. Chapman is tracked down by the Nigerians and tips them off to the deal, but not before notifying Beth that they are on their way. Harry is mistaken for Westhouse, and as the Nigerians take aim, Beth pulls him to the floor, saving his life. When Lucas is promoted to Section Chief he reinstates Beth.

In the episode 4, Beth is tasked with turning Chinese diplomat Kai into an asset. After revealing herself as an officer for MI5, Kai walks away, leaving the team unsure is he will help them. However, when Lucas and Dimitri break into the Chinese Embassy, Kai phones Beth to warn them of a bomb in the building. After assisting them to rescue Dr Jiang, a scientist developing a revolutionary desalanation technique, and hand her over to the CIA Kai is given the freedom to live in London. In an act of patriotism, he has Beth take him to the Chinese Embassy and hands himself back to his government. This is the first time that MI5 have had an asset in the Chinese government.

Over following episodes, Beth goes undercover during US mediated peace talks between the Israeli government and the Palestinians. When the talks are under threat by a sniper and assassin, she helps the team to resolve the situation peacefully. In the series finale, Beth and Dimitri take part in a manhunt led by Harry to pursue a rogue Lucas and Maya Lahan. In a shootout with the two MI5 agents, Maya is fatally wounded causing Lucas to threaten to detonate a bomb in a busy train station unless Harry meets him, alone, at the top of a nearby building. After commotion at the bottom of the tower, Beth and the rest of the team are left visibly upset, with Lucas' fate unrevealed.

Following the events at the end of series 9, Beth is decommissioned by new Section Chief Erin Watts for her conduct during the Westhouse debacle.

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