Series 05, Episode 08
Spooks Agenda
Show Spooks
Air Date 30 October 2006
Previous Hostage Takers (Part 2)
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Agenda is the eighth episode of spook's fifth series which aired for the first time on 30 October 2006.

Summary Edit

Two fundamentalist Islamic clerics are murdered by the "Sons of Phinehas", a radical Christian group led by Steven Paynton. Adam goes undercover as a prospective investor to uncover the identities of his "soldiers". Wes runs away due to his father not being with him.

This causes him to go into a panic attack. Furthermore, the Mossad have interests in Paignton's operation and has sent a kill squad. After they kill Paignton, Harry talks the Mossad leader to back down before the squad corners Adam. Wes is found by the end of the episode.