Adam Carter
Adam Carter
Show Spooks
First seen Project Friendly Fire
Last seen New Allegiances
Job MI5 Chief of Section
Senior Case Officer
Status Deceased (Explosion)
Portrayer Rupert Penry-Jones

Adam Carter was an enigmatic and natural performer, and was in his perfect job. After years in MI6; he had confronted his demons and became a ruthless pragmatist. Adam had the power to push himself and his colleagues to the edge and get the job done - then pick up the pieces.

This combination of strength and compassion, alongside his absolute belief in the Intelligence Service, made Adam a formidable leader. His MI6 wife, Fiona, was his greatest stimulus. And beneath it all, Adam dreamt of sharing a stable home life with his wife and child. It wasn't to be: Fiona was shot while trying to avenge her previous life in Syria.

Adam went into denial at first, but then realized focussing on his work was the best way for him to handle his loss. After discovering that Al-Qaeda had planted a bomb in a car during Remembrance Sunday, Adam drove the vehicle to some disused land. Just as he stepped out of the car, the bomb exploded, and Adam took the full brunt of its force; killing him.

Section D Chief Operatives
Tom Quinn
Adam Carter

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