A Prayer for My Daughter
Series 03, Episode 04
Spooks - A Prayer for My Daughter
Show Spooks
Air Date 1 November 2004
Previous Who Guards the Guards?
Next Love and Death

A Prayer for My Daughter is the fourth episode of spook's third series which aired for the first time on 1 November 2004.

Summary Edit

While attending the latest round of Middle East talks, a UN negotiator whom Adam is fond of is kidnapped and later found murdered. MI5 suspect a link with a shadow group known as the November Committee; but become involved in a race against time when it appears a pro-Palestinian British MP is next on the assassins' hit list.

The case is complicated further when a link is discovered between the organisation and Harry's daughter. It is revealed that the man who organised the assassinations is a media mogul, David Swift. After finding the evidence they need, Adam uses his wife, Fiona to blackmail him into resigning, by faking a sexual assault case against him.